Thursday, March 26, 2015

-36.0408°, -114.7895° Boulder Beach

"Next feed" by Emma Lörd

Mr. Bear-ly sneaks up on these comical creatures. 

African penguins or jackass penguins are the only penguins that breed in Africa and are found nowhere else. Major current threats to the colony include competition with commercial fisheries and oil pollution. The ones at Boulder Beach near Cape Town are accessible to tourists and are unusually tame however being a mainland site are vurnerable to predators and exposed to diseases.  

-26.2833°, 31.8790° Kruger National Park

"From one water hole to another" by Emma Lörd

-26.2833°, 31.8790° Malalotja National Park

"As far as the eye can see" by Emma Lörd

-26.2833°, 31.8790° Hlane Royal National Park

"Browsing" by Emma Lörd

Hlane, meaning "wilderness" in siSwati,  was named by King Sobhuza II of Swaziland.
The park, which used to be a private royal hunting ground before turning public, is part of Swazilands 
largest protected area. 

Rising temperatures and changing levels of rainfall affects animal migration and plant growth which impacts on wildlife tourism of the National Parks as well. 

Giraffes are not territorial and may browse with other groups. They are not as dependent on waterholes as other animals during dry season as they can survive on the moisture of their forage which they will travel far to obtain. 
There are at least six distict species, some of which have very small populations. There has been an etimated 50 percent population decline in the past 10 years du to limited geographic ranges (giraffes can not cross water) and hunting. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

45.108°, 7.637° Turin

The bear seem to enjoy Italian football, guess what team...
Photo by Davide Perini

The Juventus Stadium construction project aimed to ensure a low environmental impact of the work of the construction site via the use of advanced environmentally sustainable technologies. This stadium is constructed to reduce energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources by reducing waste and optimising the resources available. The stadium can produce the electricity it needs using solar energy captured through photovoltaic panels; it produces warm water which heats rooms, changing rooms, kitchens and the football field through a network of district heating, heats hot water for the dressing rooms and kitchens of restaurants using solar thermal systems. These alternative energy sources are aimed at helping the stadium meet the criteria dictated by the Kyoto protocol by generating multiple results (source: Wikipedia).

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

57.696°, 11.966° Feskekôrka, Gothenburg

 Lunch time at Feskekörka (Fish church) by Josefine Wemmert

Feskekörka has developed into becoming the place in Gothenburg
to get your fish and shellfish.
It is said to have no competition in Sweden in the assortment and
varieties of fresh and locally acquiered fish and shellfish.
As the climate changes progresses it will be interesting
to see what (possibly) new varieties will (or not) turn up in Feskekörka. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

43.709°,13.219° Senigallia 03/05/2014 [ALLUVIONE]

Helplessly looking over disaster by Lina

Exactly one week ago big parts of our small town was hit by what on the headlines described as "the water bomb”. After a night of heavy rain, especially in the hinterland, the river broke out of its furrow. With enormous power and speed, big quantities of water rushed heading to the sea. In just a few hours the water rose to fearsome levels (1,3-2,8m). On our street we stood amazed on the sidewalk watching our street turn into a creek, and just 5 minutes later the sidewalk itself became overflooded and we started to realise that it wouldn’t stop there… But never could we have imagined that it wouldn’t stop until cars were almost completely covered by the water, apartments flooded and subterranean garages filled.

Please watch this video:


Something like this has never been seen here before. The effects of the unpredictable(?) weather changes becomes reality for more people every day. Today many families here, my neighbors and friends, have lost all their belongings. Homes and cars are ruined. Joined forces are still struggling with the hard work of cleaning up the mess.
(But by the beginning of tourist season I’m sure you will find Senigallia as beautiful as ever!!!)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

-27.122°,-109.275° Easter Island, Ahu Tongariki

Happy Easter (Island) wishes from Ahu Tongariki and Anneli Johnsson.

Ecological devastation is said to have been the demise of the population of this island.
Theories of sudden climate changes and accute deforestation are debated but still the fate of the inhabitants who made these colossal stone artifacts remains shrouded in mystery. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

41.892°,12.482° Rome

A visit to Colosseum.

Polar bear likes pasta, especially Amatriciana

La Dolce Vita, a nightly bath in Fontana di Trevi just like Anita Ekberg. 

The Lombardi family brought along the polar bear on the weekend in Rome. 
Photo by Federica Perini

There is evidence that climate and society have been intertwined for millenia and after scientists use tree ring-based reconstruction to measure central European temperature for the last 2500 years one can link climate change to the fall of the Roman Empire

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

41.902°,12.457° Vatican City

Waiting for Pope Francis on Saint Peter's Square.
Photo by Federica Perini

Pope Francis has made a religious case for tackling climate change
speaking out against the destruction of the rainforest and calling
deforestation of the world's lungs a sin.
Pope Francis, who is a known advocate of the poor,
believes that environmental justice and economic justice 
are inextricably linked.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

46.714°, -71.344° Quebec, Canada

Spring is a long time coming in Saint Nicolas
Ida, Bailey (6 yrs), Oliver (4 yrs), and Owen (1½ yr)

Take the opportunity to watch knowledgeable broadcaster Bailey's programme
  Lärkontoret (Learning office in Swedish), the first of many where he talks about
 robots, trees, and  the body.
I'm pretty curious about how dogs are happy which he will be explaining
in the next episode.
Until then some footage of polar bears playing with dogs

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

45.433° ,12.326° Venice

Spring in Venice. Photo by Ebba Eriksson

Venice, once known as "The Floating City", can now be called
"The Sinking City" for not only is the town effected by the increase rise of sea levels
- obvious with flooding each high tide - but due to movement of tectonic plates and
the washing away of sediments scientists have found that the city is also
slowly sinking. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

38.896°,-77.036° Washington D.C.

By the Capitol 

U.S Capitol by night

With Abe Lincoln

Washington Monument

Bear-ly has recently made a visit at the White House, Washington DC. 
Photos by Kristina W Smith

As well as our travelling polar bear another polar bear has been spotted recently
outside the White House! This would be Paula the polar bear 
campaigning to Save the Arctic.

Monday, February 3, 2014

47.266°, 11.423° Innsbruck

 Skywalker by Anna Maltesson
Bear-ly was last seen seen over Innsbruck, Austria. 
Should have landed by now, guess where?

Monday, January 6, 2014

18.294°,-65.784° Puerto Rico

2014, new year, new places. 
Bearly starts out in El Yunque National Forest, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
 by Sara Arnald

Friday, December 13, 2013

55.698°, 13.157° Höje Å, Lund

"Höje Creek" by David Lind

The brook in the Rinnebäck ravine continues to run into Höje creek.

55.707°, 13.156° Ravinen, Lund

"Ravine" by David Lind

Rinnebäcksravinen is a communal nature reserve 
with the purpose to preserve the ravine's unusual geology and flora. 
The ravine is 7 meter deep and was created when the latest inland ice sheet melted away.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4.450°, 35.928° Todonyang, Kenya

"Turkana" by Ruth Abade

Fashion designer Ruth Abade introduces Bear-ly to kids she meets on a field trip 
somewhere in Todonyang, 
and if you want to read more about her beautiful "green" fashion the link is here.